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Hon Eva Lawler MLA
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Towards Zero Action Plan 2018-22

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Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan (Towards Zero) is a five year road safety action plan which has been developed through extensive community consultation. Towards Zero focuses on road safety actions to address the key priority areas for the Northern Territory. The Road Safety Executive Group, consisting of the Chief Executive of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, the Police Commissioner, the Under Treasurer and the Motor Accident Compensation Commissioner, has led the development of Towards Zero.

This Towards Zero Action Plan will work towards improving road safety in the Northern Territory over the next five years. Towards Zero will guide improvements in road safety, making all road users safer and reducing the rate of fatality and serious injury on Territory roads.

Towards Zero adopts the Vision Zero concept – A safer road transport system where no person is killed or seriously injured. This vision aims to inspire ownership of the Territory’s road safety challenges, and motivate Territorians to take action to use our roads more safely. Vision Zero has been adopted by all Australian jurisdictions, and widely adopted globally.

The goal of Towards Zero is:

  • to reduce death and serious injury on our roads
  • to cultivate a responsible road culture and
  • for people to work together and ‘own’ our need to improve road safety.

The Plan also adopts the Safe Systems approach to improving road safety which has been adopted nationally and internationally and includes the following elements:  Safe road use, Safe roads and roadsides, Safe vehicles and Safe speeds.

Towards Zero includes priority areas with actions to be implemented over the next five years from 2018 – 2022.

Actions included in Towards Zero focus on the following key road safety priority areas/vulnerable road users:

  • alcohol and drugs
  • seatbelts and child restraints
  • safer road use
  • roads and roadsides
  • safer vehicles
  • vulnerable road users - Aboriginal people, novice drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, visiting drivers and cyclists.


Road Safety Executive Group

NT Road Safety Executive Group (RSEG) is charged with delivering a coordinated approach to making our roads safer and monitoring the implementation of the Towards Zero 2018-22 Road Safety Action Plan.

This group includes the Police Commissioner, the Chief Executive of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, the Motor Accident Compensation Commissioner and the Deputy Under Treasurer.

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