Graduated Licensing System for Motorcyclists – Public Consultation on Position Paper

The Northern Territory Government is committed to improving road safety in the Northern Territory and reducing fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.

The Northern Territory’s Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan (2018-22) presents actions to address a wide range of road safety issues. Specifically, Towards Zero Action 9.2 provides for the development of a standalone Graduated Licensing System for motorcyclists (including mopeds and scooters), which considers mandating rider training, for consideration by Government.

A Graduated Licensing System (GLS) is a framework that operates by imposing conditions or restrictions on novice riders, to ensure they gain initial riding experience in conditions of lower risk and gradually lifts the conditions or restrictions as the rider progresses through the different phases of the system, reaching particular levels of riding experience and maturity.

To reduce and manage the risk of crashes among inexperienced motorcycle riders, a position paper has been developed, which presents the Northern Territory’s proposed Graduated Licencing System for motorcyclists.

This proposed model outlines a new process which, if adopted, will see an applicant progress through the graduated licensing system for motorcyclists, from obtaining a learner rider licence, to a provisional rider licence and graduating to a full/ open motorcycle licence once milestones are reached.

Between 25 July and 22 August 2022, the Department sought public feedback on the position paper to assist in determining a final position for consideration by Government.

To find out more, read the position paper PDF (1.5 MB).


Public consultation has now closed.


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