Speeding. There's no future in it.

The Motor Accidents Compensation Commission has launched its latest safety campaign; declaring ‘Speeding. There’s no future in it’.

One in five deaths and serious injuries in the NT involves speeding. The campaign targets male drivers who account for 75 per cent of those killed or seriously injured on NT roads, particularly male drivers aged between 16 and 25 years.

The aim of the campaign is to appeal to young male’s common sense, presenting them with the choice of speeding or the joys of future life moments yet to be experienced.

The campaign will feature across billboards, radio, television, digital and social media platforms.

This 'Speeding. There's no future in it' campaign is one of the actions in the Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan.

Campaign elements


A man is behind the wheel of a speeding car at night.

MACC Speed Campaign video – Speeding. There’s no future in it.

A man is behind the wheel of a speeding car at night.

Social Media video series – There is no excuse for speeding in the Northern Territory

Radio Ads

MACC Speedo 15A

MACC Speedo 15B

MACC Speedo 15C

MACC Speedo 15D

MACC Speedo 30