What if? … The Brandon Wilson story

What if…? The Brandon Wilson Story details the tragic and avoidable loss of life through road trauma of a young man on a remote Territory road in August 2018.

Presented by Karl Stefanovic, this powerful, yet highly emotive, 30-minute documentary features interviews with Brandon’s family, friends, team-mates, workmates, and first responders. It shows how his death has affected everyone around him, and how it could possibly have been avoided, simply by taking two seconds to put on a seatbelt.

A shorter version of What if…….? is also being produced to support the Choices program, a student workshop aimed at educating pre-learner, learner and provisional drivers at the senior school level.


Over the last 10 years, 33% of all fatalities on Territory roads, involved people not wearing a seatbelt.

Seatbelts reduce the chance of injury or death in a vehicle collision by 10% to 80%, depending on the type of collision. Yet Territorian drivers and passengers killed in road accidents are twice as likely to be not wearing a seatbelt as other Australians.

What you can do

  • Make it a habit to always wear a seatbelt and make sure all children are in a correctly fitted child restraint.
  • If you are driving, make sure everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seatbelt.