Pedestrian safety

The safety of all road users especially pedestrians is important because they are not protected if they are in a crash. Collision speeds above 30 km/h, increase the probability that a pedestrian will be killed.

On average, 10 pedestrians die on Territory roads each year. Pedestrian deaths represent around 20% of the total NT road fatalities. The majority are the Aboriginal people with the age of 35-49 years.

60% of pedestrian fatalities also involved alcohol.

Children are more at risk because they are impulsive and have difficulty judging speed and distance.

Adults older than 60 are also vulnerable because of possible mobility, eyesight and hearing issues.

Current initiatives

  • infrastructure treatments at high risk areas, including better lighting and red light/speed cameras
  • variable speed limit changes in high risk areas
  • 40km/h school zones and associated enforcement
  • Road Safety school and community education and awareness programs.

What you can do

  • be responsible. Pedestrians should always follow the road rules and obey traffic lights
  • cross the road at the safest place or at a designated crossing
  • make sure cars can see you -  wear bright coloured clothing
  • as a driver, expect the unexpected and drive to the speed limit
  • children should always be supervised by adults when around roads. Encourage your children to stop, look, listen and think when using the roads
  • if you have been drinking:
    • organise a Sober Bob (friend, taxi or bus) to take you home, or
    • stay the night rather than try and get home.

Relevant Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan 2018-2022 actions

 ActionsYearLeadSupport Safe System
10.1 Ensure appropriate infrastructure is in place at all high risk pedestrian areas, including lighting, fencing and safe crossing options. 1-5 DIPL LGANT Safe road use
Safe roads and roadsides


  • Walking to school travel planner
  • Pedestrian animated video
  • Pedestrian home activity sheets:
    • Crossing the road
    • Getting in and out of the car
    • Hold my Hand
    • Safer places to cross
    • Take a walk together to practice
    • Walk Safely to School Day
    • Staying safe in car parks
  • Colouring in sheets:
    • Stop Look Listen Think
    • Stop at the kerb
    • Hector the Road Safety cat says….
    • Wait for the Bus