Dress for the ride and the slide

This campaign aims to encourage motorcycle riders to wear protective gear while riding and reduce the number of motorcyclists being killed or injured on our roads.

The campaign will feature across billboards, radio, television, digital and social media platforms.

Which gear, and why?

Motorcyclists have 18 times the risk of death or serious injury in a crash, regardless of whose fault it is.

There is no barrier between a motorcyclist and the outside world, and drivers or other road users may have a harder time seeing motorcyclists on the road.

The correct use of protective gear such as helmets, and riding jackets, pants, boots and gloves can improve your riding experience and enjoyment by protecting you from the elements that take the fun out of riding.

It can keep you safer by:

  • reducing distraction, fatigue and dehydration, and
  • making you more visible to others on the road.

To increase your visibility on the road, choose clothing with light or high contrasting colours and reflectives.

Motorcycle clothing is made from stronger, higher quality materials than your regular denim jeans and work boots.

They are made to withstand impact and friction from the road.

Whether it's leather or textile, they:

  • are highly abrasion-resistant
  • can be fitted with impact protectors to protect your body
  • can include mesh panels to provide ventilation and air flow to help keep you cool in hot weather.

To learn more about what to look for in motorcycle clothing, visit the MotoCap website. The website rates jackets, pants and gloves for their abrasion resistance and level of comfort. This allows you to compare the gear before buying.

To find the safety rating of motorcycle helmets, visit the CRASH website.

Campaign elements


Dress for the ride and the slide 30-second ad

Dress for the ride and the slide 60-second ad

Radio ads