Find a Sober Bob

Who's your Sober Bob

Who's your Sober Bob? Sober Bob is someone who is willing to get you home safely and may not necessarily be the person you are out with. Sober Bob is not only a mate, they can be the bus driver, taxi driver, mum, brother, girlfriend, or uncle.

Find your Sober Bob below.

Hi Oscar



Blue Taxi Darwin

Darwin Radio Taxis

Metro Mini Bus

Red Carpet Transport Services

Territory Transit Pty Ltd - Bus times

13 Cabs (Budget Taxis)

A&P Private Hire

Alice Springs Taxis

Centre Bush Bus Pty Ltd

Katherine Green Taxi

Katherine Taxis

Star Bush Taxi Pty Ltd

Gove Transport Pty Ltd

Tennant Creek Transport Pty Ltd

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For more information about Sober Bob, go to the Sober Bob campaign page.

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