Children use the road as pedestrians, cyclists and passengers and are some of the Northern Territory’s most vulnerable road users. They are more at risk because they are small, fragile and do not have the skills and judgement that comes with age and experience.

All children under seven must be secured in an approved child restraint or booster seat when travelling in a car or vehicle in the Northern Territory.  For more information visit the child restraints section on the Northern Territory Government website.

Current initiatives

  • Road Safety Community Engagement Officers and Hector the Road Safety Cat deliver road safety education sessions in schools and early learning centres (To book a lesson visit the Northern Territory Government website)
  • Bicycle Education Programs at the Parap and Newland Park Road Safety Centres
  • Road Safety promotion at community events and festivals
  • Northern Territory Government Road Safety Community Grants Program
  • MACC partnership with Kidsafe NT to build capability in remote areas to fit child restraints.

What you can do

  • expect the unexpected, especially around schools and in suburban areas
  • ensure all passengers are wearing a seatbelt or are in a car seat
  • make sure your child is in an approved and correctly fitted child car restraint
  • never leave your children unattended in a car, even for a short period of time as it can be fatal. Children are particularly at risk because they can lose fluid quickly, become dehydrated and suffer from heatstroke
  • children should always be supervised by adults when around roads. Never leave young children alone to play near parked or moving vehicles
  • separate children's play areas from driveways. Before moving a vehicle check for children around the vehicle. While car's camera and sensors can help, do not only rely on them and make sure you do a visual check as well
  • teach children responsible road safety behaviours and attitudes from a young age
  • get your school to book a road safety education session
  • visit the free Parap Road Safety Centre's miniature road system.

Relevant Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan 2018-2022 actions

 ActionsYearLeadSupport Safe System
1.3 Evaluate and strengthen road safety education programs including road safety education in the school curriculum 1 DIPL/DOE   Safe road use
3.1 Continue to facilitate and expand the Aboriginal child restraint programs which provide access for the fitment of child restraints 2-5 MACC/DIPL DOE / DOH / Police Safe road use
8.3 Develop targeted strategies and initiatives to create positive road safety culture with young Territorians 1-2 DIPL MACC Safe road use


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