The faster you drive the longer it takes your vehicle to stop. In any crash, speed affects the likelihood of a crash and the level of injury. A small reduction in speed increases the likelihood of surviving a crash, especially for pedestrians or cyclists.

Speeding reduces your reaction time to emergencies on the road, such as animals or children running onto the road, and requires a greater distance to stop.

In a 60km/h zone, you’re twice as likely to have a serious crash travelling 65km/h, four times more likely travelling 70km/h and a significant 32 times more likely to crash when travelling 80km/h.

Approximately 80% of speed related deaths involve males.

To find out more about speed limits visit the Northern Territory Government website.

Current initiatives

For more information on penalties for exceeding the speed limit visit the Northern Territory Government website.

What you can do

  • always drive at or below the speed limit and at a speed that suits the road and the current weather conditions
  • if you are not familiar with the vehicle you are driving, you should consider driving at a slower speed to enable you to stop safely for any hazards you may encounter on the road
  • slow down around school zones.

Relevant Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan 2018-2022 actions

 ActionsYearLeadSupport Safe System
1.1 Develop a repeat offender penalty regime for consideration by Government. The regime may include clamping/seizure and/or other penalties for repeat drink/drug drivers, seatbelt offences, speeding, mobile phone offences, driving unregistered/unlicensed and a review of the Alcohol Ignition Lock program. Impacts on remote communities to be considered. 1 DIPL POLICE/
Safe road use
Safe speeds
Safe vehicles
1.2 Increase dedicated Police traffic enforcement activities, to support priority areas. 1-2 Police DIPL Safe people
Safe speeds
Safe vehicles
4.2 Review the coverage of red light/speed cameras; identify and increase the use of technological solutions, including ANPR, to support increased enforcement of traffic offences. 1-2 DIPL Police Safe roads and roadsides
Safe speeds
4.3 Deliver a speed and driving to conditions awareness campaign which aligns with Police enforcement. 1-2 MACC DIPL/Police Safe road use
Safe speeds
4.5 Develop a consistent speed limit policy across the Northern Territory for consideration by Government, including high speed traffic intersections, high pedestrian areas, and local government roads. 2-3 DIPL Police Safe roads and roadsides
Safe speeds
4.6 Implement new speed enforcement technology including point to point and mobile infringement units. 3-5 DIPL Police Safe road use
Safe roads and roadsides
Safe speeds


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