Moped riders

Learner drivers are not permitted to ride mopeds. Mopeds are small, light motorcycles that may be two or three wheeled. Mopeds have a piston engine with a maximum engine capacity of 50ml, and a maximum speed of 50km/h.

Scooters are small motorcycles, similar to a Vespa. Scooter engine sizes vary from 50ml to 650ml. Scooter riders must have a class R rider licence.

Motorcycle riders are less protected than car drivers, and are one of our most vulnerable road users. Novice riders are even more at risk and do not share the same level as risk as learner drivers. Research shows that the risk of a motorcyclist being killed or seriously injured in a crash is at least 18 times higher than for a car driver.

If a current learner driver licence was attained prior to 1 August 2019 the learner driver is allowed to ride a moped. However they are encouraged to seek training.

To attain a learner rider licence you will need to pass a rider theory knowledge test and complete either a balance and stability skills test (MOST) or a pre-learner motorcyclist education training and licencing (METAL) course.

Novice riders are encouraged to do a rider training course as this covers the key riding skills that are needed to ride safely on the road.

For more information on motorcycle training and licensing, go to the Northern Territory Government website.