Mobile phones and VDU penalties

The penalty for using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving has increased from $250 to $500.

A  traffic infringement penalty of $500 also applies for visual display unit (VDU) driving offences. A VDU is a device that has a screen which is capable of displaying an image.

Road rules

Drivers can only use a mobile phone while driving to make or receive an audio phone call or as a drivers aid. This is only permitted if the phone:

  • is secured in a commercially designed mount fixed to the vehicle
  • or can be operated by the driver without touching any part of the phone.

Other similar communications that require you to touch your phone, including emails, text messages, video calls, video messages are not permitted.

You must not drive a vehicle that has a television or VDU operating and visible to you or drivers of other vehicles.

This does not apply to a driver’s aid in a secure mounting to the vehicle, such as:

  • closed-circuit television security cameras
  • dispatch systems
  • navigational (eg GPS) or intelligent highway and vehicle system equipment
  • rear-view screens
  • ticket-issuing machines
  • vehicle monitoring devices.

Driver distraction

Driver or rider distraction is a serious road safety issue and can trigger a fatal chain of events. A distracted driver has trouble keeping and judging speed and distance and has slow reflexes because they are not focused on the driving task.

A split second is all it takes to lose control. Using a mobile phone, changing the music or talking to passengers when driving could all cause the driver to look away from the road and reduce your awareness of what is happening around you.

For more information on driver distractions go to the distractions section on the Road Safety website.